Side dish 3-4 servings | Preparation time 30 min
1 bunch of carrots
1 tbsp butter
2 cm ginger, in slices
3 garlic cloves, peeled and squashed
1 red pepper, in rings
1 vegetable stock  cube
1 tbsp honey
peper and salt​​​​​​​
Step 1
Clean and peel the carrots, try to cut them in a way that they become more equal in size. Put a frying pan on medium heat with the tbsp of butter. When the butter is slightly brownish add the carrots, turn up the heat slightly, stir occasionally for 10-15min until the carrots are becoming brown on the sides.
* if you don't want to throw away the peels of the carrot you can make crisps out off them, put them on a baking tray and add one tbsp of oil. Mix and put it in the oven on 175 degrees, it will only take 5-10min. Make sure to check frequently the peels are thin so they burn easily.
Step 2
Pour water into the pan so that the carrots are just under water. Add the ginger, garlic, red pepper and stock cube. bring it all to the boiling point and turn down the heat. Let it boil for 20min, most of the fluids will evaporate en you will endup with a thicker sauce. If this is not the case take out the carrots and let the fluids reduce more. When the sauce is reduced, take out the ginger, add the honey and add peper and salt to your tast. Mix the sauce with the carrots and your ready to serve.

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