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The stunning sights of Torres del Paine, the national park definitely worth the visit. Its a small version of all the beautiful and dramatic nature Chile has to offer all put together in one national park.
ATACAMA, series.
The Atacama dessert was high on my list of places to visit, and it was worth the wait. What is this place insanely beautiful and surprising.
CRAFT, kiss
The Kiss is part of a series of lino press prints I'm making.
DOLOMITES, series.
The Dolomites are breathtaking with their grim peaks, wide valleys and colorful mountain lakes. The next best thing is that you are in Italy where the food tastes at least as good as the vistas.
CHAITEN, series.
Chaitén is a town in the southern part of Chile along the Carratera Austal. It is the closest town to the Pumalin National park with its magical rainforest.
CRAFT, shower
The shower of a series of lino press prints I'm making.
CRAFT, Life inside the bubble
ISTANBUL, series.
In the spring of 2022 I've visited this magical city for the first time, such an interesting, busy and vibrant place.
NY, series.
In 2018 I visited NewYork, it has been a while and can't wait to go back. It's such a vibrant city where I'm eager to see more off.
PATAGONIA, series.
A national park that we underestimated, the lonely planet described it as endless steppe with, if you are in luck, some lost guanaco. It is much more than that, and one of my favorite national parks.
The a few days in the laid-back Danish capital.
Argentina for me in three words, barbecue, emptiness and football. And all off that with stunning views.
SWISS, series.
Swiss is as surprising as expected, form the green valleys with millions of flowers to the cracking glaciers and beautiful villages.
BALKAN, series.
Please [don't] go because it is amazing and you will want more. The Balkan has it all, it is so surprising. Find out in this series.
Scotland, series.
The dramatic landscape of Scotland, windy, rainy and just stunning.
BOLIVIA, series.
The surprise of South America, Bolivia, the country that surprised me the most. The beauty of the country and the kindness of the people found a place in my heart.
ARCH, binnenveldert.
Tierra del Fuego the most southern part of Chile, the only thing you have to worry about here are gas and food, everything else is taken care off.
SPAIN, series.
Some shots form all over this beautiful country.
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